05MARCH 2021

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Signs and boards containing useful information

Anyone working with electrical or electronic devices will be familiar with small signs and posters that remind them of a hazard or a sequence of actions.But even in everyday life, we often come across an information stand or Pavement Sign.This is one of the most effective advertising methods.

Various information boards are indispensable in shops, shopping centers, hotels, cafes, and restaurants, in general, wherever there are a lot of people.Depending on the situation,  Pavement Signs have their own specifics.So, a chalkboard is needed if you have to constantly change information.Road signs with a weighted base and a strong frame are indispensable on the street because they will withstand any weather conditions.The sandwich board folds easily and is suitable for those occasions when you expose the pavement sign for a while and then put it away until next use.

Choose what works best for you.Today the choice of pavement signs is wide.

16FEB 2017

10 Interesting Facts About Computers

Computers have become an integral part of our everyday life. We use them every day to be aware of what happening in the world, to make some complicated calculations, to search for information of simply to figure out where is Xur from the Destiny. But how much do we know about these smart machines? Here are some facts that can blow your mind, so get ready for the blast!

1. Do you know that the first computer was so huge, that its weight about 27 tons and its size was around 1800 square feet? If you do not, Google the ENIAC and find out more.

2. Computers are the biggest wallet of the world. Around 90% of world's money exist on computers and only 10% is physical money.

3. If you would like to type the longest word using the letters on the one row of your computer keyboard, this word would be TYPEWRITER.

4. The first computer mouse was invented in 1964 by Doug Engelbart. The most interesting fact about the first mouse is that it was made of wood.

5. We want our computer to be safe and install various antiviruses. But did you know that every month the computer world sees more than 5000 new viruses? Bwa-ha-ha!

6. The most powerful computers in the world are our brains. If there was an analog to the human brain, presented by the machine, it would be able to do 38 thousand trillion operations per second! If it is not enough, add 3580 terabytes of memory.

7. Did you know that people who write viruses, in the most cases work for organized crime syndicates? No jokes.

8. This fact is quite inspiring. Such world known companies as HP, Microsoft, and Apple, started their business in a garage.

9. If you need to figure out why your eyes get tired after using a computer, here is the explanation. Normally, a person blinks about 20 times per minute. But if you are sitting in front of a blue screen, the number of blinks decreases to 7 per minute.

10. The last fun fact is that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation, lives in a house that was created with the help of Macintosh computer.

15FEB 2017

Tips for Watching Movies or TV on your Smartphone

If you want to watch some of your favorite movies on your smartphone, without being confined to your living room where you have your big-screen TV, here are some tips that might be helpful.

1. Watch On Your Network

You can simply use mobile streaming video at home, and if you have a wireless router connected with your internet provider, your smartphone will be able to show you movies and television shows without incurring the high costs of roaming data.

2. Optimal Viewing

If you want to watch your movies on a bigger screen, you can set your phone to landscape. Here is also an ability to click out context programs that make your screen look smaller. Today, some phones are operated by sensors to set landscape viewing, so just find out how yours works and get the access to the online video when you need.

3. Use Headphones

If you do not want to annoy other people and to get the best quality of sound effects, use headphones. Usually, headphones are easy to plug into most of the modern smartphones with the 1/8-inch jack.

4. Use Apps

There is always an ability to pimp your phone with some apps. For example, you can use a Showbox app that will provide you the access to a huge media library. The best thing about this app is the absence of annoying ads. If you want to try this amazing app, you simply need to install it from the official website. Note, that there is no ability to download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store yet. Still, in the nearest future, you will be able to find it on the Play Store.

5. Mobile TV Streaming

You can consider the ability to turn your mobile into home entertainment theater with the streaming TV. Just get the dedicated any room package that includes mobile streaming television and enjoy the easy-to-use TV of the high quality.

9FEB 2017

Semiconductors Startups in the Silicon Valley

Quite a plenty of engineers have thought even once about joining an existing semiconductors startup or maybe creating their own one. This is an extremely fast developing and profitable business field to work. But it is really easy to get lost with all those new names appearing every day. Especially, when you are that kind of person who becomes fully absorbed by the things he is working on. Thanks to the scnpp who has provided a list of the most successful semiconductors startups in the Silicon Valley to keep all the bright minds up-to-date with the most modern trends of the field.

Find them here listed in the alphabetical order.

  1. Adesto Technologies Corp. (Sunnyvale, California)
  2. Ambiq Micro Inc. (Westlake Hills, Texas)
  3. Ausdia Inc. (Sunnyvale, California)
  4. Calxeda Inc. (Austin, Texas)
  5. Cyclos Semiconductor Inc. (Berkeley, California)
  6. EnVerv Inc. (San Jose, California)
  7. GainSpan Inc. (San Jose, California)
  8. InVisage Technologies Inc. (Menlo Park, California)
  9. Javelin Semiconductor Inc. (Austin, Texas)
  10. mCube Inc. (San Jose, California)
  11. Memoir Systems Inc. (Santa Clara, California)
  12. MicroGen Systems Inc. (Ithaca, New York)
  13. Nitero Inc. (Austin, Texas)
  14. Pixel Qi Corp. (San Bruno, California)
  15. Quantance Inc. (San Mateo, California)
  16. Quantenna Communications Inc. (Fremont, California)
  17. RFaxis Inc. (Irvine, California)
  18. Rocketick Inc. (San Jose, California)
  19. Samplify Systems Inc. (Santa Clara, California)
  20. Seeo Inc. (Hayward, California)
  21. Spin Transfer Technologies Inc. (Boston)
  22. Stion Corp. (San Jose, California)
  23. SuVolta Inc. (Los Gatos, California)
  24. Transphorm Inc. (Goleta, California)
  25. Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd. (Belgaum, India)

What to do now? Pick one, google it, visit the website and search for a vacancy. These 25 are 100-successful and one can kill for the possibility to work there. Although, if you are skillful and confident enough it would not be a problem for you to join your dream-team. Prepare your cv properly and get ready for a career adventure of your life. Ready? Set? Go!

7JAN 2017

The Best Media Streaming Devices

From day to day, technologies become smarter and smarter. Our Tv is not the exception. In one hand, it gives us the access to the latest high-quality shows. In another hand, it leaves the owners of older models behind. Still, there is an ability to make your old TV smarter. Such streaming media players as Amazon, Apple, Google and Roku will make it possible right after you plug them.

1. Apple

The Apple Company introduces us to a fourth-generation speedy hardware. It supports Siri and is equipped with touch and voice control. One of the best things about it is the ability to use Apple library packed with a vast catalog of different movies and the most popular TV shows.

2. Roku

The latest Roku Premiere model is a combination of a good price and the ability to use 4K connect. A snappy quad-core processor makes it possible to stream UHD videos. Furthermore, it allows Wi-Fi connection and gives the access to the main streaming services.

3. Amazon

When it comes to Amazon Fire TV, we are dealing with the very powerful internals and expandable memory. Furthermore, it is equipped with 4K support and the ability to connect to the best streaming providers. It has its own library where you can find the list of famous and world know movies and TV shows. Amazon is one of the best alternatives to Apple that allows you to run Android apps and games.

4. TiVo BOLT

The best thing about this device is its ability to record up to four shows at the same time. There is also a 4K connect allowing you to get the best from the latest TV updates.


This device supports 4K connection and allows you to enjoy the best streaming services such as Netflix. Furthermore, it is a powerful gaming console that has a 500GB of storage along with the Android exclusive gaming titles. So if you are interested both in high-quality streaming and gaming, it will probably satisfy your requirements.

09APR 2021
Phoenix Semiconductor

Phoenix Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor CEO and President Keith Jackson Provided by ON Semiconductor Semiconductors may be small but they play a big role in our lives. What exactly semiconductors are used in depends on the company making them, but they are in nearly every new device, car and video game system, as well as other items you might not realize. For example, Chandler-based Microchip Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHP) makes microcontrollers that make it into automotive…

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01APR 2021
Band Structure of Semiconductors

Band Structure of Semiconductors

A useful way to visualize the difference between conductors, insulators and semiconductors is to plot the available energies for electrons in the materials. Instead of having discrete energies as in the case of free atoms, the available energy states form . Crucial to the conduction process is whether or not there are electrons in the conduction band…

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24MAR 2021
Semiconductor diode and its application

Semiconductor diode and its application

A very simple and inexpensive tunable semiconductor diode laser controller is designed for stable operation of the diode laser. The diode laser controller is stable within +/−8 μA and +/−10 mK, respectively. The noise spectrum of the current controller is studied by FFT analysis. We have used our home-made diode laser system in a tunable diode laser…
R.Q. Investigations | Queens NYC | Private Investigator Queens

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16MAR 2021
On Semiconductor Address

On Semiconductor Address

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Oct. 8, 2015 – ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), driving energy efficient innovations, is collaborating with GainSpan and GEO Semiconductor to rapidly respond to the ever-growing potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Through this partnership, customers will benefit from the leadership each company has shown in its respective field:…
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08MAR 2021
Introduction to Semiconductor Physics

Introduction to Semiconductor Physics

I must confess that until recently, I wasn’t well-versed in semiconductor physics or technology. While it’s rather easy to understand what a transistor does and some of the terminology thrown around, going deeper was tough. A great deal of the information on the internet is simply too cryptic to understand, even for those that want to learn. Seeing…
Cesspool Pumping, Drain Cleaning: Long Island's Favorite Cesspool Company Visit Website

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05MAR 2021
Signs and boards containing useful information

Signs and boards containing useful information

Anyone working with electrical or electronic devices will be familiar with small signs and posters that remind them of a hazard or a sequence of actions.But even in everyday life, we often come across an information stand or Pavement Sign .This is one of the most effective advertising methods. Various information boards are indispensable in shops, shopping…

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28FEB 2021
Unity Semiconductor

Unity Semiconductor

TORONTO – Tezzaron Semiconductor will be the first customer to incorporate Rambus oxide-resistive memory (ReRAM) technology in forthcoming devices through an architecture license that provides Tezzaron access to system IP, specifications and validation suites to design differentiated chips using ReRAM. ReRAM, sometimes known as RRAM, operates by changing the resistance of special dielectric material called a memresistor, whose resistance varies depending…

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20FEB 2021
HANA Semiconductor

HANA Semiconductor

Hana Micron , (KOSDAQ 067310), is a semiconductor company specializing in assembly and product packaging as well as test and module manufacturing services. Hana Micron was founded in 2001 and its headquarters is located in Asan City, South Korea. As of 2011, Hana Micron has over 1300 employees and reported over $260 million in sales. Currently, Hana Micron has other offices around the world including offices in the United States, Brazil, and China…

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12FEB 2021
Semiconductor symbol

Semiconductor symbol

Home > About > Company > News Center > Business News ON Semiconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: O), driving energy efficient innovations, has announced it will change its NASDAQ trading symbol to “ON” – effective upon the market’s open on April 6, 2015. The company will continue to operate as ON Semiconductor Corporation. The move to the new symbol, which is more closely tied with the name of the company, is intended to strengthen…

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