Semiconductor properties

June 29, 2023
Semiconductor properties

1. Contemporary topics in band theory (M. Rasolt). 2. Chemical models of energy bands (J.C. Phillips). 3. Ab initio pseudopotentials and the structural properties of semiconductors (J.R. Chelikowsky, M.L. Cohen). 4. Deep and shallow impurities in semiconductors: Theoretical (M. Lannoo). 5. Impurities in semiconductors: Experimental (J.M. Baranowski, M. Grynberg). 6. Semiconductor statistics (P.T. Landsberg, O. Engström). 7. Surfaces and interfaces: Atomic-scale structure, band bending and band offsets (L.J. Brillson). 8. Nonlinear dynamics, phase transitions and chaos in semiconductors (E. Schöll). 9. Electron-hole liquid in semiconductors (A.A. Rogachev). 10. Dynamics and classical transport of carriers in semiconductors (L.M. Roth). 11. Conjugated polymer semiconductors: An introduction (E.M. Conwell, H.A. Mizes). 12. Electron tunneling in semiconductors (P.J. Price). 13. Quantum confinement and scattering processes (B.K. Ridley). 14. Classical transport and thermoelectric effects in low-dimensional and mesoscopic semiconductor structures (B.L. Gallagher, P.N. Butcher). 15. Coherence in III-V semiconductor superlattices (P. Voisin, G. Bastard). 16. From ballistic transport to localization (S.E. Ulloa, A. MacKinnon, E. Castaño and G. Kirczenow). 17. The quantum Hall effect (T. Chakraborty). 18. Hot-electron transport phenomena (D.K. Ferry). 19. Fundamental aspects of quantum transport theory (J.R. Barker). Author index. Subject index.

PDF Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Interfaces
PDF Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Interfaces ...
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Physics Semiconductors part 4 (Intrinsic Properties) CBSE
Physics Semiconductors part 4 (Intrinsic Properties) CBSE ...
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