Semiconductor applications in electronics

September 1, 2017
Electricity: Short Circuits

Cryogenic gases are used extensively throughout the semiconductor manufacturing and testing processes. Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) is widely used to remove heat from the manufacturing process. Nitrogen gas, often stored as a liquid at cryogenic temperatures, is also employed to purge unwanted gases and to create inert environments in critical process areas.

Environmental chambers, used to test parts and equipment at extremely low temperatures, are another common application of liquid nitrogen. From small bench top units to very large chambers, LN2 is used to achieve and maintain the desired temperature.

Heat may be removed from a manufacturing or test process using re-circulating chillers. These chillers may use liquid nitrogen or other cold fluids to achieve the desired result.


Technifab’s vacuum jacketed pipe and transfer lines are a popular choice in the electronics and semiconductor industries. Even when used in gaseous form nitrogen is often supplied in liquid form to maximize storage capacity and supply. Techniguard rigid and bendable VJP often in conjunction with Techflex vacuum jacketed transfer hoses, efficiently transfer liquid cryogens from bulk storage tanks or dewars to the point(s) of use.

TechniCOLD vacuum jacketed lines are designed and used as refrigerant lines to re-circulating chillers. The feed and return lines can be encased in a single vacuum jacket for optimum performance.

Our PS-22 and PS-42 Cryogenic Phase Separators provide extremely high quality liquid nitrogen at a pre-set delivery pressure. Whether a direct feed or closed-loop system the units provide consistent delivery and pressure allowing the user to closely control temperatures at the point of use.

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