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October 28, 2022
STMicroelectronics, a global

GSA recognizes semiconductor companies that have demonstrated excellence through their success, vision, strategy and future opportunities in the industry at its annual Awards Dinner Celebration. It is an honor to be selected as a nominee and an even more distinguished achievement to win an GSA Award! View Past Winners.

Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award

The Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award recognizes individuals, such as its namesake, Dr. Morris Chang, for their exceptional contributions to drive the development, innovation, growth and long-term opportunities for the semiconductor industry.

Start-Up to Watch Award

GSA’s Private Awards Committee, comprised of members of the Emerging Company CEO Council, venture capitalists and select serial entrepreneurs in the industry, selects up to two winners for the Start-Up to Watch award by identifying the semiconductor company (or companies) that demonstrates the potential to positively change its market or the semiconductor industry, in general, through the innovative use of semiconductor technology or a new application for semiconductor technology.


  • Company must be a semiconductor company (Fabless or IDM).
  • Company must be privately held.
  • Company must NOT have achieved greater than or equal to $20 million of cumulative product revenue (i.e., cumulative product revenue since market introduction).
Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company Award

The industry’s Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company award is designed to identify the private company garnering the most respect from the industry in terms of its products, vision and future opportunity. GSA’s Private Awards Committee reviews all private semiconductor companies, conducts analysis of each company’s performance and likelihood of long-term success, and provides a list of respectable private companies to be voted on by GSA membership. On-line voting takes place to allow GSA members, including semiconductor companies and partners, to cast a ballot for the private semiconductor company they most respect. The selected companies are based on the Committee’s Criteria:

  • Company must have achieved a minimum of $20 million of cumulative product revenue (i.e., cumulative product revenue since market introduction).

Public Company Awards

All public company awards are determined by GSA using public financial data; therefore, nomination forms are unnecessary.

Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company Awards

The industry’s Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company Awards are designed to identify the public companies garnering the most respect from the industry in terms of its products, vision and future opportunities. GSA reviews the criteria below for all publicly traded Fabless and IDM semiconductor companies for two 12 month periods using quarters Q3, Q4, Q1, and Q2. All companies that meet these criteria are segmented into four separate revenue groups and each GSA member company votes for a single winner of the Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company for each group.

  • All publicly traded semiconductor companies, Fabless and IDM only
  • Company must report $100M or more in total Revenue for each of the two 12 month periods
  • Stock price must be greater than $1 USD on JUN 30 for each of the two 12 month periods (applies to U.S.-listed companies only)
  • Company must have a Market Capitalization of $250M or more on JUN 30 for each of the two 12 month periods
  • Company net income must be positive for each of the two 12 month periods
  • Company must not have been on an alternative stock exchange (applies to U.S.-listed companies only) for either of the two 12 month periods
  • Y-o-Y revenue growth for the two 12 month periods must be positive
  • Y-o-Y market capitalization growth for the two 12 month periods must be positive
Most Respected Public Semiconductor Company Revenue Groups:
  • Achieving >$2 Billion in Annual Sales
  • Achieving $1 Billion to $2 Billion in Annual Sales
  • Achieving $500 Million to $1 Billion in Annual Sales
  • Achieving $100 Million to $500 Million in Annual Sales
Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company Award

The Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company Award is derived based on a broad evaluation of the financial health and performance of public fabless and IDM semiconductor companies. Numerous financial metrics as well as their respective rates of change or year-over-year improvement are analyzed. These financial metrics transverse various categories including but not limited to growth rates, margins, cash flow, profitability ratios, efficiency ratios and return on capital. All companies are ranked on each metric as well as its rate of change, and then the overall performance is compared to the peer universe to determine the winner.
This award has two categories:

  • Achieving Greater than $500 Million in Annual Sales
  • Achieving Up to $500 Million in Annual Sales
Analyst Favorite Semiconductor Company Award

Semiconductor financial analysts from top-tier firms select their favorite semiconductor company for this award. The analysts base their decision on historical, as well as projected data, such as stock price, earnings per share, revenue forecasts and product performance.

Regional Awards

As a global alliance, GSA introduced an award specifically for the Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions. The awards will recognize a semiconductor company headquartered in each respective region that clearly demonstrates the most strength when measuring products, vision, leadership and success in the marketplace. GSA’s APAC and EMEA Leadership Councils will determine the nominees and the winners of their respective regions.

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Global Semiconductor Market (By Component, Application
Global Semiconductor Market (By Component, Application ...
Global ZEUS - Company presentation [English Ver.]
Global ZEUS - Company presentation [English Ver.]
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