Analog Semiconductor companies

October 7, 2022
Of analog semiconductor

TI Strengthens Analog Marketshare; Skyworks Gains from Apple’s Favor

Top 10 suppliers accounted for 57% of analog sales in 2014; 9 of 10 top suppliers with analog sales greater than $1.0 billion.

Texas Instruments was again the leading supplier of analog devices in 2014 with $8.1 billion in sales, and increased its analog marketshare to 18%, according to rankings of top suppliers of major IC product categories found in IC Insights’ April Update to The McClean Report 2015. The top 10 analog IC suppliers accounted for 57% of total analog sales in 2014, up slightly from 56% in 2013. Among the top suppliers, six companies on the list had sales in excess of $2.0 billion and three others exceeded $1.0 billion in analog sales last year. (Renesas again fell short of the $1.0 billion mark.) Among the top suppliers, Skyworks Solutions (42%), NXP (21%), and Texas Instruments (13%) showed the strongest growth and outperformed the total analog market (9%) by the widest margins.

Figure 1

TI’s analog sales represented 62% of its total corporate revenue in 2014. Since the 1990s, TI has focused on increasing its presence in the analog market. In 2009, TI purchased 300mm manufacturing tools from defunct Qimonda and put them to use to build analog ICs, becoming the first company to manufacture analog devices on 300mm equipment. In 2010, TI acquired two wafer fabs operated by Spansion in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan, and it acquired a fully equipped 200mm fab in China from Cension Semiconductor Manufacturing in Chengdu. Both facilities were immediately put to use making analog ICs. In April 2011, TI acquired National Semiconductor—its rival in many analog markets—for $6.5 billion.

TI is boosting its analog position by transferring more manufacturing to 300mm wafers in its newer RFAB and its older DMOS 6 fab. TI says the 300mm fabs will together help reduce its total production costs by up to 40%, increase its available manufacturing capacity substantially, and give it added flexibility to respond to customer demands.

TI’s 2014 analog revenue was nearly 3x larger than second place ST, whose sales grew 2% in 2014. ST accounted for 6% marketshare. ST attributed its lower analog sales to softer equipment sales (computer, consumer, automotive, industrial) among its primary customers. Third-ranked Infineon and seventh-ranked NXP were two other European-headquartered companies ranked among the top 10 analog suppliers in 2014. Collectively, these three European suppliers accounted for 16% analog marketshare last year.

Skyworks enjoyed a stellar year in which its analog sales increased 42% mostly due to strong worldwide smartphone sales. Skyworks Solutions makes analog and mixed signal semiconductors for Apple, Samsung, and other suppliers of mobile devices. Multiple...

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