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July 29, 2017
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Of Regensburg, Germany, a wholly owned subsidiary of Osram GmbH, is the world's second largest manufacturer of optoelectronic semiconductors after Nichia and followed third place by Cree Inc. One of the main products of the company are light emitting diodes (LEDs), other products are high power laser diodes, infra red components and optical sensors. The company was founded in 1999 as a joint venture between Osram and Infineon Technologies.


When Siemens AG spun off the semiconductor operations to form a separate legal entity, Osram GmbH had an opportunity to take over the LED division.

In 2003, the company opened the world's most advanced opto-chip factory in Regensburg, Germany. After a construction period of just 21 months, the first phase of the factory, covering an area of 36, 000 m², was opened. Total investment was around 120 million Euros. The second phase was officially opened in 2008.


As the world’s second largest manufacturer of optoelectronic semiconductors for the illumination, sensing and visualization sectors, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH combines semiconductors, converter materials, and packages under one roof. At its headquarters in Regensburg, Germany, a further production site in Penang (Malaysia), and a global network of sales and marketing centers, the company employs more than 6, 000 people. In the fiscal year 2010, the optoelectronic semiconductor accounts for twenty percent of overall Osram GmbH sales.

The semiconductor products of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors include high-power LEDs in the visible range, high-performance infrared LEDs, high-quality optoelectronic detectors, and high-power semiconductor lasers. All the components are sold in various output categories with different brightness levels, sizes, and package formats. In 2009, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presented "Orbeos", the first OLED light source for premium quality functional lighting, developed by the company.


Illumination high-power LEDs in various white tones and all possible colors, are currently making inroads in all lighting sectors, including room lighting, architecture lighting, and street lighting. LEDs from OSRAM have been used in the automotive sector for a number of years. In this sector the company sells products ranging from dashboard lighting right up to headlights on cars. Since 2010, in the new version of the Audi A8, LEDs have taken on major lighting functions in main headlamps. The OSTAR platform, the most powerful LED solution so far, includes high-power LEDs for numerous applications including: lighting, projection, rear projection television (RPTV), and as IR light sources for both observation for use in the security sector.

Visualization Monochrome LEDs are used as points of light on information panels. Multicolor LEDs such as MultiLED cover the entire color triangle and are used in large-format displays at rock concerts, sports stadiums and trade fairs. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is taking a dual approach to display and projection technology with its LEDs and lasers. The range of applications for LEDs includes screens of all sizes from small (for example for satnav systems, LCD monitors, mobile phones and other mobile terminals) to very large (102“ diagonal and higher). Small displays are also available with OLED backlighting. For projection applications the company will be using laser technology in addition to LED solutions (OSTAR Projection).

In December 2010, scientists at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, received the distinguished Beckurts Prize for their pioneering work in researching direct green semiconductor laser. This new laser will be a milestone for many applications and open up new markets. One new use includes ultra-compact mobile RGB laser projectors.

In addition to offering semiconductor components themselves, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors provides support for system solutions based on these components. This results in opportunities for lighting, visualisation, and sensor technology. Examples are customer-specific LED colors (Color on Demand), intelligent sensor modules, and brand-specific headlight designs.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) SMD and through-hole packages in all visible colors

Silicon Photodetectors Phototransistors, PIN Photodiodes, Photo IC

Optical Sensors SMT Reflective Sensors and Slotted Interrupters

Infrared Emitters 850 nm, 880 nm, 940 nm and 950 nm wavelength

Source: en.wikipedia.org
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