Micron semiconductors

October 10, 2021
Malar Manickam at Micron

With silicon detectors, Micron Semiconductor Ltd believes it has created the most custom AC and DC detectors in the world during the past 35 years with an estimated 700 individual designs. Many technology advances have been incorporated in the company including thicker and thinner multi-element totally depleting structures spanning the thickness range from 10 to 2000 microns. Designs include pads, microstrips and pixel geometries in single and double sided format. Annular structures with both radial and sector strips around a central hole are also a specialty.

The Company has made significant advances in utilizing 6 inch silicon technology in both N and P Type. A wide range of custom detectors have been manufactured, the majority of which are double sided with the full 1002 mm2 active area.

Capability for 6 inch processing has significantly expanded with in house implanters that produces virtually defect free detectors both single and double sided from thicknesses of 15 microns to 2000 microns along an implanter specialising in lower energy implants.

Custom designs are a specialty, but there are no known restrictions for physicists to use these existing designs if considered suitable.

The advent of large area multi-element pixels as thin as 15 microns up to thicknesses of 2000 microns initially in 4-inch technology, but soon available 6-inch technology.


15 micron
30 micron
40 micron
50 micron
140 micron
300 micron
500 micron

15 micron*
20 micron
35 micron
65 micron
80 micron
100 micron
140 micron
250 micron
300 micron
500 micron
1000 micron
1500 micron
2000 micron*
100 micron*
150 micron
200 micron
Source: www.micronsemiconductor.co.uk
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