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October 31, 2015
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STK45xx is a high integration Digital Video Recorder and Digital Still Camera controller. The STK45xx features high quality image processor coupled with high-speed bus and video compression engine delivering excellent quality video recording and playback (1080p size 1920x1080 at 30 fps). Innovative image processing architecture reduces memory size requirements in both DVR and DSC mode allowing operation with DDR/DDR2 SDRAM. Sensor interface module accepts 10 bit data delivered by modern CMOS CCD sensors preserving details in shadows and delivering perfect images even for high dynamic range scenes. Syntek proprietary auto white balance and auto exposure algorithms utilize the statistical data analysis to deliver the precise and pleasing colors. Integrated microphone amplifier, AGC and audio codec reduce system component count and deliver clear audio recordings at all sound levels. The STK45xx is also capable of storing MJPEG videos and JPEG compressed pictures on most popular non-volatile/volatile memory or mini-storage cards. Storage interface utilizing fast DMA allows direct recording to the storage media and supports all major industry standards. Other auxiliary features such as TFT LCD panel interface, TV display, audio annotation, recording and playback, programmable user interface logic and power management are all integrated into a single chip.

  • Support 1920x1080 (1080p) H.264AVI video at 30fps
  • Seamless 10MP image sensors at capture mode
  • Support multiple-windowed auto focus (AF), auto white balance (AWB) and auto exposure (AE)
  • Internal microphone amlifier, AGC and audio codec
  • Support 16-bit width DDR/DDR2 up to 64MB with 4 banks for reduced page break latency
  • Support 2x SD or SDIO card interface
  • 256-color overlay with 4-bit alpha blending
  • Built-in TV encoder (NTSC/PAL) and DAC
  • Support HDMI transmitter interface (8-bit and 16-bitCCIR-656)
  • GPIO ports for user interface and system control
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