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July 25, 2016
February 6, 2015 Alpha & Omega

- Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Inc., or AOS, is a designer, developer and global supplier of a broad range of power semiconductors, including a wide portfolio of Power MOSFET and Power IC products. AOS seeks to differentiate itself by integrating its expertise in device physics, process technology, design and advanced packaging to optimize product performance and cost, and its product portfolio is designed to meet the ever increasing power efficiency requirements in high volume applications, including portable computers, flat panel TVs, battery packs, portable media players and power supplies.

AOK20B135D1 1350 V IGBT AOK20B135D1 1350 V IGBT - AOK20B135D1 is built upon the latest patent-pending AlphaIGBT technology platform and features industry-leading low VCE(SAT) and fast turn-off that reduces the power losses incurred during conduction and switching. The 1350 V minimum BVCES rating allows for a larger safety margin to prevent avalanche destruction from voltage transients. Furthermore, EMI is reduced as a result of very smooth turn-off current waveforms. The solution is aimed at home appliance applications such induction cooking, rice cookers, and inverter-based microwave ovens. 25 V and 30 V High-Performance MOSFETs - The new 25 V and 30 V MOSFETs use AOS's proprietary power trench MOSFET technology to accomplish an exceptionally low figure-of-merit (RDS(ON) x Qg) for fast switching applications such as the latest DC/DC converters that operate over 600 KHz. The AON7536 is optimized for high-side switching by minimizing Qg and Crss, thus lowering the switching power losses.

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