Semiconductor Conference

September 9, 2022
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Christine FurstossASMC continues to provide semiconductor professionals with an unparalled opportunity to network and learn the latest information in the practical application of advanced manufacturing strategies and methodologies. ASMC 2016 features technical sessions highlighting strategic manufacturing issues, as well as insightful keynotes, provocative panel discussion, and an informative tutorial. Guest speakers include:

Advanced Manufacturing… Changing Today’s Paradigm
Christine Furstoss, VP and Technical Director, Manufacturing & Materials Technologies

GE Global Research

The Economy of Things: How Cognitive IoT Is Driving New Business Models
Don O’Toole, Business Development Executive, IBM Watson IoT Alliances & Ecosystem Business Development, IBM Corporation

Is China Driving the Urge to Merge?
Robert Maire, President

Mr. Don O’Toole ImageSemiconductor Advisors

Nanoscale III-V CMOS
Jesús A. del Alamo, Director, Microsystems Technology Labs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Panel Discussion
Moore's Law Wall vs. Moore's Wallet, and Where Do We Grow From Here?


  • Patrick Martin, Applied Materials
  • Dave Bloss, Director, Fab Equipment, GSM; Vice President, Technology Manufacturing Group, Intel Corporation
  • Mike Campbell, Vice President of Engineering, Qualcomm
  • Samsung (invited)
  • Paul Werbaneth, Global Product Marketing Manager, Intevac (moderator)

Robert MaireHere's what past attendees have said about ASMC:
The schedule of the ASMC 2015 was perfect, with the right time for technical. Enough breaks to address additional questions and to network. There was a lot of face time with key customers. I learned a lot about yield issues and solutions, especially for BEOL. I also got in contact with two suppliers who will very likely help me with a specific yield / process control issues I am currently facing in the field.
Mike von den Hoff, Director of Marketing, KLA-Tencor

Who attends ASMC?

  • IC Manufacturers
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Materials Suppliers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Operations Managers
  • Process Engineers
  • Product Managers
  • Academia...

Jesus del AlamoASMC 2015 Best Paper Award, sponsored by Entegris
"Big Data Emergence in Semiconductor Manufacturing Advanced Process Control" by James Moyne, Jamini Samantaray, Mike Armacost, Applied Materials

ASMC 2015 Best Student Paer Award, sponsored by GLOBALFOUNDRIES
"Inspection Step Modeling for Defect Source Tool Identification Using Defectivity Control" by Mohamad Chakaroun, Rabah Messouci, Mohand Djeziri, Mustapha Ouladsine, Aix Marseille Universite, CNRS, ENSAM, Universite de Toulon; Jacques Pinaton, Process Control System, STMicroelectronics

Use the testimonial above and our justification letter template to show why your participation ASMC 2016 will benefit you and your organization.

Mail list
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SEMI thanks the ASMC committee members, who volunteer countless hours in support of our annual conference.

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