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June 3, 2017
Malaysia Airlines MH370: The
Corporate or government terrorists remotely hijacked Malaysian Airlines MH370 for military technology intellectual property of the 20 Freescale passengers, is what listeners have heard a seasoned pilot and prominent aviation whistleblower recently say. He had warned this crisis would happen since Boeing quietly installed auto uninterruptible autopilots in every one of its jets, but government officials have repeatedly gagged him.

Uninterruptible Autopilot

More than one airline employee lost his job for trying to keep airline passengers safer. One of these, however, has fought avaiation officials’ since 911 and even more so, since Boeing installed on all of its jets auto uninterruptible autopilots without provisions to train pilots how to use them, making this technology a terrorist weapon. This man is

All Boeings have been modified with an uninterruptible autopilot, according to McConnell. Pilots, however, are not trained to use them, making aircraft a weapon for terrorists to access and deploy, he says.

“The significance is that pilots are not aware of this, feature, and therefore they cannot comply with aviation regulations, namely FAR 121533, ” he says.

McConell has warned government officials and the public that a crisis such as the Malaysian hijacking would occur, due to lack of pilot training regarding uninterruptible autopilots. In his attempt to save lives, he has been repeatedly gagged by United States officials.

In a Voice of Russia interview, McConnell detailed how the MH370 plane was equipped to be flown remotely. When pilots are unaware this new feature has been installed, they are incapable of properly managing it in case of an emergency that would meet federal aviation regulations, he says.

Boeing’s uninterruptible autopilot modification makes it impossible for hijackers to hijack, supposedly – if pilots understand what to do. Pilots in general were not even aware of this new installation until McConnell blew the whistle on it. Within 4 days of his doing this, Boeing admitted having this modification. On March 3, 2007, Boeing said within two years, all Boeings would have this type of autopilot.

Had the auto-uninterruptible autopilot been available on 911, it couldn’t have happened, he said, adding pilots must be trained to use them.

As it is, however, “someone on the ground could fly the plane and override the pilot’s decisions.”

“If a physical pilot hijacker tried to get into the cockpit, the pilot could trigger the autopilot. Then, officials on the ground could remotely gain control and direct it to a safe landing. This has been known since 2007, ” McConnell said. “Once operating, it cannot be turned off by anyone in the plane.”

It should be a safety feature, he says, but in the case of Malaysia Airlines, it might be proven that one entity tried to take control of it, or both pilots may have flown it west. The plane could have been taken to any one of 108 places in the world, according to McConnell.

“The problem is none of the American pilots in the U.S. have been educated regarding the existence of this Boeing uninterruptible autopilot, which by Boeing’s own words, have been deployed since 2007 and deployed on every Boeing airliner since 2009, ” he said. “So is it possible a terrorist group could hack into this system like on the Malaysian plane and fly the plane remotely.”

McConnell followed that, saying what this reporter has highlighted repeatedly, such as in the article published March 12 on Before It’s News.

“Keep in mind there were 20 software engineers, Chinese nationals working for Freescale in Austin Texas, and some of the patented material they were working on were stealth cloaking of airliners and chips that can be installed in these exotic weapon systems. (Emphasis added)

Who Took Control Of Malaysia Airlines Boeing?

“And at the end of the day, every airliner that has an auto-interruptible autopilot, making planes a very complex remotely controlled flying vehicles, but it should only be remotely controlled if there’s a threat against the aircraft or the people on board.

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