Freescale Semiconductor Bangalore

August 22, 2022
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NEW DELHI: India's fourth largest technology services company HCL Technologies on Wednesday bagged a five year contract from US based Freescale Semiconductor to manage its IT infrastructure across the world. According to industry sources, the contract would generate about $60-$80 million for HCL Technologies over a five year period, starting in November, this year. The company denied to confirm the size of the deal, which it has won by displacing a large incumbent US based IT firm.

NEW DELHI: The $6.4-billion US-based chip maker Freescale Semiconductor will increase its chip design work in India but has no plans to set up a chip manufacturing unit here. This despite the incentives offered by the government in its recent semiconductor policy. "The policy addresses the finance side but does not address the infrastructure and logistics needed to set up a fab unit. We will not be setting up a fab here, " said Freescale Semiconductor chairman and CEO Michel Mayer.

BANGALORE: Freescale Semiconductor, Texas-based computer chipmaker, has decided to retrench around 250 professionals at its Bangalore centre, as the company seeks to lower its operational costs by shutting down several manufacturing units across the globe and trim its payroll. The impacted staff at the Bangalore centre worked at Freescale's cellular product group (CPG), which is being rationalised by the company. When contacted by ET on Thursday a Freescale...

Sumit Sadana, Senior VP(strategy and business development), Freescale Semiconductor Freescale Semiconductor, a prominent face in the silicon world, is a $6-billion company based in Austin, Texas. It employs around 24, 000 people across 30 countries including India. Sumit Sadana, senior vice-president (strategy and business development) is responsible for Freescale's business, technology and manufacturing strategy, its overall business model, key...

NEW DELHI: The difference between the car engine of your ancestors and the one you have is just one: the latter has a chip, or a few more, on the old block. The double helix common to both the internal combustion engines has now gone digital as carmakers are relying more on computers to take control of the mechanics. Car and component makers from GM, BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, Delphi, Bosch, Continental among others say that car engines...

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