Freescale Semiconductor Inc Austin, TX

October 13, 2022
9 Higher power, but less

Those with one to four years of experience at the company can expect to make $69K annually on average. Five to nine years of work experience seem to result in median wages of $82K per year. The largest slice of the Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. workforce (32 percent) has been working for 10-19 years and earns, on average, $97K annually.


The highest average salaries go to Electrical Engineers, who bring in close to approximately $96K per year, though Test Engineers are not far behind at around $91K along with Product Engineers (about $80K) and Process Engineers ($72K). Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. hands out some of the smallest paychecks to Manufacturing Production Supervisors (about $58K on average).


When it comes to location, the highest average paycheck (around $94K annually) can be spotted in Tempe, Ariz.; the company's headquarter city of Austin, Texas ($90K), Phoenix, Ariz. (approximately $79K), and Chandler, Ariz. ($77K) are the next top-paying cities. Novi, Mich. is one of the lowest-paid cities, with earnings averaging approximately $65K. By state, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. pays its Texas employees the most; the pay rate there is $89K per year.

Certifications and Degrees

Certified Public Accountants have significantly higher pay than non-accredited workers at around $106K annually. Acquiring certification to be a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt is rewarded with median pay of about $88K per year. Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. provides the highest financial reward to those with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) — these employees rake in $125K annually.


Employees who count Engineering Design, Semiconductor among their skills enjoy higher pay; the median for this group is $113K per year. A skill that is commonly seen around here is Project Management; a little less than one-fifth deem it necessary for work. Many workers are also familiar with Engineering Design, Microsoft Excel, and Test Engineering.

Benefits and Perks

The vast majority of survey participants report contributing to a 401(k). The vast majority of respondents have health insurance, and benefits for nearly all survey participants also include dental insurance. Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. employees also enjoy perks such as gym membership, life insurance, a stock purchase plan, a casual working environment, and a subsidized cell phone.

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