What is doping in semiconductor?

October 18, 2018
Diode schematic

Doping is the process of adding some impurity atoms in the semi conductor. These impurity atoms are known as dopants. After addition of these dopants some of the properties of the conductors can be changed according to our need.

Basic conditions that are required for the doping process are given below:
1. The atom which is to be doped in the crystal must be placed at the position same as that of the position of the semiconductor atom.

2. There should be no distortion in the crystal after the insertion of the dopants.

3. The size of the dopants should be exactly same as that of the size of the atom of the crystal.

4. In a crystal the percentage of doping should not be more than one percent.

Some basic doping techniques of doping are shown below:
1. First we have to heat up the semiconductor crystal. The heating must be at the place where the dopants are present in the atmosphere. After heating the diffusion of the dopants will take place in the lattice site of the crystal.

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