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March 25, 2017
Pericom Semiconductor And

Pericom creates innovative devices essential to the demands of high-speed technology: switching, bridging, signal integrity and timing solutions that move the world of computing forward. Pericom offers to its team members competitive salary, stock options, stock purchase plan, 401(K) and medical/dental benefits. Pericom is an Equal Opportunity Employer. See open positions available now.

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Please include your resume and cover letter as either a MS Word (.doc), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Text (.txt) or Rich Text (.rft) formatted document.

Please make your fax to attention: Personnel


Personal Recruiters

Pericom Semiconductor Corp. is happy to enter into agreements with professional recruiters. However, Pericom does not agree to and will not pay any recruiter fees for any applicant referrals or other recruiter services of any type, except when it has entered into a separate and specific written agreement with the recruiter involved agreeing to do so.

  • Your full contact information
  • Information about your recruiting firm
  • Specific areas of recruit
  • Success stories

Please do not call or email any of our managers; doing so is unlikely to result in success. Resumes received by Pericom from recruiters who have not entered into an agreement or have not been approved by Pericom will be considered the property of Pericom or deleted as appropriate.

Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS)
Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS)
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Lecture 27 Metal Oxide Semiconductor FETs
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