Compound Semiconductors

November 3, 2018
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Providing cutting-edge facilities that help researchers and industry work together, this Institute will position Cardiff as the UK and European leader in compound semiconductors.

Compound semiconductors drive the devices and technologies we use today, from smartphones and tablets to satellite communications and GPS. Despite both a long-term need for a UK-based large-scale translational centre in compound semiconductors and a leading research base, no single company has been able to stimulate sizable UK investment.

We aim to bridge that gap by a joint venture with IQE plc and the Welsh Government. Working together, we will move academic research to a point where it can be introduced reliably and quickly into the production environment, by developing the Institute for Compound Semiconductor Technology (ICS).

The hub will be a unique UK facility, fabricating and testing technology in realistic environments. Generating excellent research and development, the modern facilities and highly skilled staff at ICS will support innovation by delivering services including:

  • advanced device fabrication and process development
  • prototyping and small scale pilot production
[PDF] -V Compound Semiconductors: Integration with
[PDF] III-V Compound Semiconductors: Integration with ...
Lecture5-Temary Compound Semiconductor and their Appl - 2
Lecture5-Temary Compound Semiconductor and their Appl - 2
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