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August 30, 2016
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The Association Française d'Ingénierie Système has developed a process definition dedicated to Systems engineering (SE), but open to all domains. The CPRET representation integrates the process Mission and Environment in order to offer an external standpoint. Several models may correspond to a single definition depending on the language used (UML or another language). Note: process definition and modeling are interdependent notions but different the one from the other.

Process A process is a set of transformations of input elements into products: respecting constraints, requiring resources, meeting a defined mission, corresponding to a specific purpose adapted to a given environment. Environment Natural conditions and external factors impacting a process. Mission Purpose of the process tailored to a given environment.

This definition requires a process description to include the Constraints, Products, Resources, Input Elements and Transformations. This leads to the CPRET acronym to be used as name and mnemonic for this definition.

Constraints Imposed conditions, rules or regulations. Products All whatever is generated by transformations. The products can be of the desired or not desired type (e.g., the software system and bugs, the defined products and waste). Resources Human resources, energy, time and other means required to carry out the transformations. Elements as inputs Elements submitted to transformations for producing the products. Transformations Operations organized according to a logic aimed at optimizing the attainment of specific products from the input elements, with the allocated resources and on compliance with the imposed constraints.

CPRET through examples[edit]

The purpose of the following examples is to illustrate the definitions with concrete cases. These examples come from the Engineering field but also from other fields to show that the CPRET definition of processes is not limited to the System Engineering context.

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A Day in the Life of Katie An Intel Process Engineer
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Mod-02 Lec-06 Basics of Semiconductor and Process ...
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