Mitsubishi Semiconductor

May 13, 2016
Mitsubishi Electric along with

Power Semiconductors

Mitsubishi has more than 40 years experience in developing and producing power semiconductors. It has been successfully directed the development of power semiconductor devices starting from current controlled GTO and Bipolar Darlington transistor to the first voltage controlled IGBT. With its constant innovative research and development in this field, Mitsubishi Electric has secured its top position.

As the first company worldwide Mitsubishi Electric, which mastered all required techniques in chip and package technologies, developed the concept of the Intelligent Power Module (IPM). IPM concept is widely accepted on the market, making Mitsubishi Electric market leader in this field. An integrated solution of inverter, driver and protection circuit reduce the size, cost and development time of the system. Well proved CSTBT (Carrier Stored Trench Bipolar Transistor) chip technology for IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) shows better trade-off of saturation voltage and turn-off losses providing suitable modules for a broad spectrum of application fields including motor control, traction, elevators, welding, UPS, white goods, pumps and medical technology.

Dedicated IGBT and IPM modules have also attracted new fields such as renewable energy applications such as wind and solar energy. Mitsubishi Electric power semiconductors ensure greater efficiency and lower power consumption. With better process and chip technology, the highest level of reliability is achieved in High voltage IGBT modules used for traction applications.

The market trend towards more compact modules with high efficiency has been continuously pursued by Mitsubishi Electric. The compact package of Mini-DIP and Super Mini-DIP proved cost effective products for White good applications.

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