Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals

August 16, 2017
Advanced Semiconductor


Graduate standing in engineering and physics. At different points we will use vector algebra, differential equations, and MATLAB programming. You may want to review these topics as we proceed.

Text (ASF)

R. F. Pierret, "Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals", Modular Series on Solid State Devices, Volume VI, Addison-Wesley, 1987 Supplemental References (PSD and SDF) - S. M. Sze and K. K. Ng, " Physics of Semiconductor Devices", 3rd Edition, Wiley-Interscience, 2007
(PSD is an encyclopedic reference that provides an extremely thorough coverage of a wide variety of important devices. Although it is very dated, the fundamental information is still quite applicable.)

- R. F. Pierret, "Semiconductor Device Fundamentals", Addison-Wesley
(SDF is an introductory treatment that is very readable, and should be read FIRST, before consulting PSD. Note the topics on the outline below, and read the appropriate sections in these references.)


  • For full credit, show all your work and write your name, homework number, date of submission, etc. neatly. Solution will be handed one week after the assignment has been submitted.
  • Test Format: Open book, open notes.
  • Make-Up Tests: No written make-up tests will be given. In cases where an absence is unavoidable, an oral exam will be conducted instead.
  • Homework: Assigned weekly, due at the start of class on the due date. Comprises 10% of final grade.
  • Late Homework:The HW grade will be reduced by 20% if turned in within 1 week of the due date; no credit thereafter.
  • You may discuss homework problems with your friends, but DO NOT COPY from each other or from previous solutions. Cheating will result in an F grade. Please see Academic Ethics below.

Academic Ethics

Purdue University expects every member of the university community to practice honorable and ethical behavior. Any actions that might unfairly improve a student's score on homework, quizzes, or examinations is considered cheating, and will not be tolerated. Examples of cheating include (but are not limited to):

  • copying from another student during a test
  • working on an test before or after the official time allowed
  • requesting a re-grade of answers or work that has been altered
  • submitting homework that is not your own work (you are encouraged to discuss your homework with other students, but the actual work should be your own)

At the instructor's discretion, an incident of cheating may result in a reduced score, a zero score, or a failing grade for the course. All occurrences of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Dean of Students and the Head of ECE.

If there is any question as to whether a given action might be construed as cheating, please see the instructor before you engage in any such activity.

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[PDF] Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals (2nd Edition
[PDF] Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals (2nd Edition ...
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