Semiconductor Physics and Devices by Donald Neamen

September 7, 2016
GATE ME 2016 Answer Key for

By Mr. S -

I'm currently using this book for a class in solid state electronics and I feel this covers the topics very well. There are lots of examples throughout the book with problems given right after them, which are similar to the examples. I really liked this because I felt that it gives readers an opportunity to practice and understand the material better as they read through it. So far we have found one mistake in one of the problems, but its just a typo and its easy to figure out what's meant. I've heard that the previous editions had several mistakes that have been corrected in this one, the 4th edition, so if you can afford it, you might want to consider getting this one. I haven't read the whole book, and don't intent to, but from what I've read so far, I've felt that everything was clear and flowed well. There are derivations given for most of the formulas used in the book. I usually skip over them, but if you'd like to study them, they're there.

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By Cat -

By Mark - Amanda Jo Carlson -

FYI to students: I've got both the U.S. 4th edition by Donald Neamen and the international edition [advertised as the same 4th edition] by both Donald Neamen and Dhrubes Biswas. They're about 60%-70% the same. The first chapter is completely different and the second chapter is missing. The chapter introductions are usually different, but of most of the meat of most of the chapters are exactly the same, word for word. The problems at the end of the first chapter are completely different, and in the rest of the chapters they're occasionally slightly different ... it varies. I've gotten other international edition of texts which are identical to the original, but if there's an ie of this text which is identical it's definitely NOT this one. The isbn-13 is 102.

I've only just started this course myself and have only finished the first chapter. So I can't say yet if the text is a good one, but so far it seems readable.

By Kevin Lee -

This book was part of my university studies and it was an absolutely wonderful book to learn from. It also makes a great resource tool for those who need the fundamental knowledge of quantum mechanics and energy diagrams for semiconductor devices. The book is well written and consists of many supporting diagrams which help aid in the understanding of the descriptions. You learn about basic quantum mechanics, simple material science and device physics (which includes band diagrams of different materials from homogeneous to heterojunctions).
Download Physics of Semiconductor Devices PDF
Download Physics of Semiconductor Devices PDF
Download Semiconductor Devices Physics and Technology PDF
Download Semiconductor Devices Physics and Technology PDF
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